ORE Logging Accelerometers

ORE accelerometers are battery powered and very sensitive - ideal for tree sway measurements and monitoring of vehicles and shipped goods. Operating life is several months or more, depending on sample rate and other factors. All are IP-65 weather resistant. Data is recorded on a removable micro-SD memory card. Units are configured through a USB terminal interface. A menu-based configuration system controls operation;  a graphic user interface called ALTerm makes it even simplesr.

The AL100 is ORE's initial  offering. It provides continuous sampling at rates from 25Hz down to 0.4Hz with a typical battery life of 6 weeks at 10Hz. The AL101 is derived from the AL100 and provides burst sampling and battery monitoring; battery life can be several times longer, depending on the burst period and duration.

For all ORE products, price includes shipping to North America destinations. For other parts of the world, shipping depends on actual cost. Quantity purchases shipped anywhere at no extra cost. The purchaser is responsible for all customs duties and fees, import taxes, and similar costs.

AL100 Logging Accelerometer

Battery powered, high sensitivity - ideal for tree sway measurements and monitoring of shipped goods. Operating life is several months, or more, depending on sample rate. 

Price is $220 US with discounts for quantity purchases. 

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AL101 Logging Accelerometer

Like the AL100 with the addition of burst sampling, battery monitoring, better temperature recording, and optional delayed autostart. 

Price is $225 US with discounts for quantity purchases. 

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Download - AL100 Specifications Sheet

Download - AL101 Specification Sheet

Download - AL100 Manual  

Download - AL101 Manual

Note - Application and Installation notes for AL100 apply equally to AL101

Download - Application Note: AL100 Acceleration Offset and Temperature 

Download - Application Note: AL100 Sample Rate Errors and Error Correction

Download - Application Note: AL100 Transient and Frequency Response

Download - Application Note: AL100: Optimizing Accelerometer Placement in Trees

Note - The following downloads only support AL100; operation with AL101 will follow soon.

Download - AccelTerm V0.91 (Beta)  Linux Version / ReadMe

Download - AccelTerm V0.91 (Beta) MacOS Version / ReadMe

Download - AccelTerm V0.91 (Beta) Windows Version / ReadMe

In design now: AL200 - An advanced accelerometer with a variety of data handling paths (may include wireless) as well as memory card. Longer battery life. Other sampling strategies, such as triggering, will be added.

In design now: AL100 - version that can be wired to a data controller such as a laptop, desktop or RaspberryPi. Data streams at up to 25 samples per second. Sensor may be up to 100'/30m from controller; maintains IP65 weather rating. Powered via data cable; USB connection to controller.

Updated October 14,, 2018