AL100 Logging Accelerometer

Battery powered, high sensitivity - ideal for tree sway measurements and monitoring of shipped goods. Operating life is several months, or more, depending on sample rate. IP-65 weather resistant.

Price is $225 US with discounts for quantity purchases. Price includes shipping in North America. For other parts of the world, shipping depends on actual cost. Quantity purchases shipped anywhere at no extra cost. The purchaser is responsible for all customs duties and fees, import taxes, and similar costs.

The AL100 has largely been replaced with AL100-ADC which includes battery monitoring for the same price.  An Addendum to the Manual is linked, below.

There is also new graphic interface software that simplifies configuration. It is called "AccelTerm" and eliminates the need to work with terminal software.  Linux, MacOS or Windows versions are linked, below.

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Download - AL100 Specifications Sheet

Download - AL100 Manual  Download: AL100-ADC Addendum

Download - Application Note: AL100 Acceleration Offset and Temperature 

Download - Application Note: AL100 Sample Rate Errors and Error Correction

Download - Application Note: AL100 Transient and Frequency Response

Download - Application Note: AL100: Optimizing Accelerometer Placement in Trees

Download - Installation Note: AL100/AL100-ADC Acceleration Loggers - Provisioning, Mounting and Starting

Download - AccelTerm V0.91 (Beta)  Linux Version / ReadMe

Download - AccelTerm V0.91 (Beta) MacOS Version / ReadMe

Download - AccelTerm V0.91 (Beta) Windows Version / ReadMe

Coming Soon

AL200 - Lower cost, longer battery life (up to 10X improvement). Burst mode sampling option. Similar size as AL100. Same sensor. Improved data card access.Improved data format. Most suitable for multiple installations from a single laboratory.

Coming Soon

AL101 - Longer battery life (up to 10X improvement). Burst mode sampling option. Same size as AL100. Same sensor. Same data format as AL200. More suitable for individual installations such as Citizen Science projects. Will replace AL100. Existing AL100 units can be upgraded to AL101 at minimal cost.

Updated June 20, 2018