ORE - Sensing the Natural World

About Us

The people at ORE have extensive experience in instrument design, product manufacturing, oceanographic instrumentation, video and security, microcontroller systems, hardware design, customer service, and more. Together, we now focus that experience on bringing new environmental sensing to you.

The picture at the left shows our first product, an accelerometer with data logging, being used to measure the sway frequency of a maple tree at different stages of leaf development.

Our Product Philosophy

The natural world is, for the most part, not something that you just walk up to and take a snapshot. It takes measurements in tough conditions, without supervision, and often over long time intervals. We design our products to endure as long as possible, and we are getting better and better at it. We design for extremes of weather and temperature and moisture (though generally not submerged). We design for the least maintenance possible. We design for ease of use. Above all, we design to measure what you need to measure. 

Advantages of ORE Accelerometers

  • Weather resistant (IP65) out of the box. No need to add an external housing!
  • Long record times with no modification. Six weeks or longer, depending on sample rate with two C cells!
  • Quick data download. Removable microSD card gets you long data files in minutes, .

Learn More, right away

If you want to know more about our capabilities, contact us immediately!

Updated October 14, 2018